Bookworm Hostel: Our History

The city of La Laguna has a very important academic function for the Canary Islands, it was the home of the single University in the archipelago from 1701 to 1989 and La Laguna was also the place where the first Secondary School of the Canary Islands was build (1846). Due to its academic importance, La Laguna was full of boarding houses, called generically “casas-pensión”, that hosted students from other places of Tenerife as well as students from the rest of the Canary Islands. But not only students crowded those “casas-pensión”, soldiers were usual guests of those boarding houses, finding there the place to prepare themselves to be admitted in the military quarters. Actually in the street where Bookworm Hostel can be found, the Juan de Vera street, there were three “casas-pension” long time ago, and one of them was recovered and restored by us to create the Bookworm Hostel, spurred on the one hand by the increasing interest on cultural tourism, and on the other hand, to fit the need of international students that arrive to La Laguna looking for a competitive priced accommodation with the highest quality standards but feeling like at home. Those are the foundations of the philosophy of the Bookworm Hostel!

The building of Bookworm Hostel has been created from a large house or mansion with the typical architectural traits of the city of La Laguna, that is a “casona lagunera”. Behind its narrow façade, Bookworm Hostel hides a large and comfortable space and a little bit more of 100 years of history organized around a central “patio” (courtyard) that provides the two floors of the hostel with a special natural illumination.

Bookworm Hostel in Tenerife. Roof

The large house where Bookworm Hostel was created has been deeply restored to bring to the present day the charm that the passing of time and many inappropriate attempts of renovation almost buried. To repair the forgetfulness endured by the house, we made use of several studies about regional architectural features and building materials of La Laguna of the beginning of XX century besides a lot of hard work.

As a matter of fact, we always say that we have not chosen the house to carry out our project but it happened just on the opposite way, we have been chosen by the house to show our guests the charm and the light this “casona lagunera” has to offer.

Why “bookworm”?

Because we love books, they are the foundation of the identity of our project. In each room, lounge, corridor and even in the bathrooms of our hostel you will find books, books of every kind and in different languages, books created to be read, to be watched carefully, books willing to pass from person to person and that people will caress they pages and will bring them back to life again, books that are eager to be read again.

“In presence of certain books one wonders: who will read them?. And facing certain people one wonders: what do they read?. At the end, books and people meet each other.” André Gide.

We hope to be one of those meeting point who André Gide referred for our guests.

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